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del 06/07/2022
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The MES – Operations “compact” course is a 3-day, instructor-led class (usually exposed along one working week, in combination with MES 2014 R2 Performance “compact” course: 2-day). It is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the features and functionality of Wonderware MES Software/Operations. This course provides lectures and hands-on labs designed to provide an early learning experience. The class will demonstrate how to use MES Software/Operations to addresses the configuration and definition of the operations model, product definition, and production capabilities; implementation of production execution and data collection; and reporting of traceability and genealogy information. This course covers integration between Wonderware MES Software/Operations and System Platform. 


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Define a production and execution model which addresses the bill of materials, operations, and inventory  
  • Create and execute work orders that enforce production rules
  • Implement production capabilities such as data collection, traceability, genealogy, and material substitution  
  • View and analyze production reports  Integrate Wonderware MES Software/Operations with System Platform  
  • Create Windows using Wonderware MES .NET Controls 

Plant floor operators and managers, system integrators, consultants, engineers, and technical professionals who need to configure and use the Wonderware MES Software/Operations product in their manufacturing processes. 

  • Completion of the Application Server course
  • Completion of the InTouch for System Platform course

This section describes the objectives of the course, intended audience, prerequisites, and the course agenda.
It also includes a description of Wonderware solutions and products. 

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